The Apartments
Health Issues

The Health Issues Related to the Apartments

Apartments are although a perfect kind of residential option for the man of today even then there are different kinds of problems related to the apartments. One of the main kinds of problem with the apartments is the health problem. There are different kinds of health issues that are related to the apartment dwellers who are residing in the apartments for a long time. Although apartments are quite an environment and health friendly, the health issues concerning with the apartments are under the serious attention of the medical professionals nowadays.

One of the main health issue related to the apartments is the skin issue. Skin problems have been observed among the apartment’s dwellers who are of different kinds like allergic reactions, fungal infections, bacterial infections and many more. This is because the apartment are not commonly been ventilated properly, and there is not enough access to the fresh air and sunlight in all parts of the apartment. People remain devoid of these natural blessings and in turn the germ found the most appropriate kinds of environment and climate to attack the human body. So, there is the need to provide proper kind of access to the fresh air and light in all parts of the apartments so that the germs can get killed without any special step taken to end the germs that are invisible but quite harmful to the health of a common man. Fungi and mold are the most dangerous kind of threats that can seriously harm the human body, however, the fresh environment is essentially effective for these kinds of problems.

Respiratory problems and lung infection is another kind of serious threat to the health of the apartment dwellers. The carpets present in the apartment are one of the main causes of this kind of health issue because the germs, dust particles, and infections that are present in these carpets are passed on from one tenant to the other and so on. Neither these kinds of carpets are washed not changed regularly. These are even not exposed to the sunlight for a long time, so various kind of infection causing germs get alive there makes a strong network keeping themselves safe from the minor kind of steps that are taken for the cleaning of these carpets like mopping, etc. Respiratory problems, the difficulty in taking a breath and other lung infection are common among the apartment dwellers as well.

The apartment dwellers that have to live in the upper stories of an apartment building and commonly use stairs for going upstairs or coming downstairs are most commonly involved in the problems like bone hurting, breathe problems, spine injuries and cardiac problems. These all kind of health issues are related to the stress that is used during the upstairs walking. Old people are involved in such kind of problems because their bones. Heart and other senses have got weakened with the aging process and hey cannot bear the exercise of going upstairs.